BRACA-SPORT® oars are designed to withstand forces during all high-performance rowing workloads. To avoid common problems and keep your oars in high-performance condition, we recommend the following procedures and rules:

  • Do not keep the oars in the direct sunlight for long periods of time.
  • Do not load or stock any weight on the oars.
  • Avoid pushing off docks or shorelines with oar blades.
  • Rinse oars with fresh water after each use, paying special attention to adjustable mechanisms, collars and oarlocks. Wash it with boat soap once a week, and if used in salt water after each use.
  • Oars with adjustable handles used in fresh water must be disassembled and cleaned once a week. If used in the salty water conditions must be disassembled and cleaned after each use. Failure to do so may cause irreparable damage to the adjuster.
  • Avoid excessive loading of sweep oars – Do not row at greater than 50% power if everyone in the boat is not rowing.
  • Avoid any type of collision, smash, hit or drop. Oars produced from carbon fiber materials are extremely durable, but there is no guarantee they will withstand above incidents.
  • Inspect the oars on a regular basis for signs of damage. Repairing the damage at the earliest stage can prolong the lifetime of your oars.  Do not use oars with visible damage.
  • Only allow authorized professionals to repair your oars.
  • Keep the oars away from high-voltage power sources. Carbon fiber oars are electrically conductive! DANGER - HIGH VOLTAGE KEEP OUT

If you still have questions or require assistance please contact BRACA-SPORT® Customer Service Center at headquarters or your place of purchase.