Sweep and Sculling Handles and Grips

Sculling oars –  carbon handle (adjustable or fixed)  with rubber grip

Sweep Oars – Carbon handle (adjustable or fixed) with the option of ThermoShrink or timber veneer grip

BRAČA-SPORT® offers adjustable and fixed length handles for both sculls and sweep oars. Standard handles and grips are available in various types and sizes. All of our wooden components are treated with a highly water resistant varnish to eliminate the ingress of water and prolong the life span of the handle. Wooden handles can be left smooth or custom textured with a file or sandpaper.

Our exclusive timber veneer is made from special Gabon wood, which has been chosen for its extreme water resistant characteristics and durability. It will continuously maintain its size and shape preventing typical expansion and shrinkage.

The BRAČA-SPORT® adjustable system design is based on the utilization of 100% carbon materials for all handle parts. They are built with high laser precision equipment to enable the tightest wiggle and jiggle-free handle to shaft fitting available in the market. This eliminates any movement within the adjustable system and guarantees desired performance during varying rowing conditions.

The adjustable handles are available in all shaft constructions. Our adjustable mechanism allows for easy 5 cm adjustment to the overall length.

Specific custom requests for handles and grips can be accommodated. Please contact us for details.

Oar Handle Type Diameter (cm/in)
Construction Adjustable Fixed Small Medium Large
Sculls Wooden N/A 3.4 / 1.37 3.6 / 1.42
Carbon with
rubber grip
3.2 / 1.26 3.4 / 1.34 3.6 / 1.42
Sweeps Wooden N/A 4.2 / 1.65 N/A
Carbon with
timber veneer
4.0 / 1.57 4.2 / 1.65 4.5 / 1.77
Carbon with
thermo shrink grip
4.0 / 1.57 4.2 / 1.65 4.5 / 1.77
Nano carbon with
thermo shrink grip
N/A 4.0-3.6 / 1.57-1.41 N/A



Handle Grips - Adjustable System